Accepted Reports

Geodesy and Remote Sensing:

Determination of Lena delta water objects levels on the basis of RapidEye, Sentinel-2 and TanDEM-x remote sensed data — Volynetc Aleksandr

Database of precise postprocessing of GNSS series for geodynamical study of the East-European craton — Gorshkov Victor

rctic sea ice monitoring system based on public domain satellite radar data — Kazakov Eduard

Development of perpendicular vegetation index (PVI) calculation method for agricultural tasks by unmanned aerial data — Kot Andrey

The use of MODIS data for monitoring arable lands in Bryansk region: methodological and technical aspects — Lobanov Grigory

Open network of GNSS reference stations — Petrov Sergey

The accounting for errors in the ephemeris of navigation satellites as a method of increasing the accuracy of positioning the vessel — Pogorelov Vadim

SAR deformation monitoring of Khibiny apatite-nepheline deposits using ALOS PALSAR and TerraSAR-X — Ponomarenko Maria

Use of results of space activities in St. Petersburg: geospatial ensure sustainable management of socio-economic development megapolis — Hegay Dmitry

To the question of development and automation photogrammetric treatment of images — Khrusch Roman

Automated monitoring system of ice regime of major rivers in the northern latitudes based on open satellite data — Shirshova Vera

Determination of object’s kinematic parameters by means of laser tracker using dynamic measurements approach — Buzik Gleb

Assessment of influence of the object under construction on surrounding building and soil massif — Kazantcev Alexander

The development of methods for geodetic monitoring of buildings with open station — Shevchenko Grettel

Accuracy in measurements on high angles/ Elevation test in laser trackers Leica AT40x — Shishkina Vitaliya

Photogrammetric processing multispectral space and aero images for monitoring territories — Evstratova Larisa

Requirements to geodesic works in building in the Czech Republic — Lechner Jiri

Modern satellite geodetic equipment on the example of the receiver Triumph-1M — Antonov Andrey

Analysis of method for determining coordinate systems transformation parameters from local coordinate systems to GSK-2011 — Brovkov Evgeny

Using unmanned aerial vehicles and geoinformation system "Sputnik-PTL" for inspection of power transmission lines — Bronnikov Valentin

Application of SIFT method for automatic registration of three-dimensional laser scanning results — Voynarovsky Alexander

Laser scanner calibration using scans of test polygon and expotential polynomials — Voynarovsky Alexander

The influence of the digital camera shutter type on the stability of the intrinsic orientation elements — Voynarovsky Alexander

Creation of space station 3D models by results of three-dimensional scanning and photogrammetric survey for the film "Salyut-7" — Voynarovsky Alexander

Mobile laser scanning as the sixth method of definition of coordinates of characteristic points — Волков Алексей Васильевич

Lay out of the BIM model for the construction site and construction control — Galahov Vasily

Gyroscopic orientation and measurement uncertainty — Gleyzer Valery

The presentation of the general distributor of surveying equipment «South» in the Russian Federation — Isakov Dmitry

The detection of breakline using airborne laser scanning — Ishalina Olga

Coordinate-wise method for gross blunder measurements identification in the geodetic networks — Makarov Gennady

Mobile laser scanning method for producing source data models for road design projects — Mihailova Larisa

Universal conditional equation as a criterion for filtering blunders in satellite radio navigation — Morozov Mihail

Design and research of the three-mirror optical systems for remote earth monitoring — Rodionova Kseniia

The effect of expanding the coordinate zone on cartometric characteristics of Gauss-Kruger projection — Titova Anastasia

Development of hybrid system for processing the results of all types laser scanning — Fedotov Alexander

D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology capabilities of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in geodesics — Fomkina Zoya

Metrological support of aircraft measuring systems of geodetic purpose — Khanzadyan Maxim

Topographic and geodesic field practice — Ilyasov Askar

GNSS-observations on the Vostok station — Trofimov Dmitry

Analysis of the results of vega uks collimating stands calibration — Filippov Vasily

The practice of automated interpretation of territories, a certain direction of use on the example of the Priozersk district of the Leningrad region — Shcherbakov Vladimir

The work of Saint Petersburg society for surveying & mapping on preservations of monuments of geodetic heritage — Bogdanov Anatoly

Metrological support geodesic and markshader works — Golovanov Viktor

Combined algorithm for automated classification of radar images with c-SAR (Sentinel-1 A/B) sensor data — Shabalina Elena


Development of the geoinformation resource "Database of absolute dating of alluvial deposits" — Aliautdinov Ali

Computer atlas of the Caspian Sea — Aliautdinov Ali

Medium-scale digital soil mapping as a basis for regional policy on environmental management on the example of leningrad region — Andreeva Tatyana

Structure and content of the cartographic database for the Russian Arctic — Ilyasov Askar

The concept of geoinformation and cartography support for assessment of the state and functioning of the transport system of Russia — Prohorova Elena

Transformation features of the official state statistics of the republic of Crimea when creating a database — Morozova Alexandra

Approaches to the creation and program of atlas «Great Altai: nature, history, culture» — Rotanova Irina

Cartographic analysis of the distribution of Internet services in the Russian Federation — Ushakova Ludmila

Geoinformation-cartographic analysis security of medical institutions territory of St. Petersburg — Shajkunova Regina

Creating series of maps and database of conflicts in post-Soviet states — Tenchikov Alexander

The development of the concept of functioning of system of automated historical mapping through the users of the internet based on crowdsourcing — Afanasyev Anatoly

Documents for studyind of russian cartography in the late XV–XVIII centuries in the map collection of the Russian geographical society — Barabanova Svetlana

Electronic collections of cartographic heritage of Russia — Lazebnik Olga

Mapping the Chinese Eastern Railway in the process of studying the political and economic situation in the construction of the Great Siberian Railway — Prohorova Elena

Source base of creation of the electronic card collection Yakutia XVIII-XIX centuries — Romanova Olga

Public sources of spatial data for making cartographical materials for planning a nature reserve of regional significance — Alexeenko Natalya

Large-scale mapping of vegetation functions of the forest-steppe belt of the central part of the Tigiretsky Range (West Altai) — Gnedenko Angelina

Study of the transformation of the regional geographic environment based on topographic and other maps: the specificity of the Far East of Russia — Karakin Vladimir

Methodology for mapping human impacts and anthropogenic pressures — Petrova Irina

Mapping of non-built-up areas on the basis on interpretation of satellite images for urban planning — Belenko Victor

Development of ontological environment for modeling processes of automated generalization of electronic topographic maps — Uchaev Denis

Representation of relief on maps: perceptive and analytical approach — Kovaleva Olga

The role of virtual exhibitions in popularization of cartographic materials of the National Library of Russia — Sviridenko Svetlana

Introduction of the S-100 and S-101 to the electronic cartography and their main features — Degteva Polina

Development of approaches to creation of modern maps in the Arctic region — Kopylova Natalya


Development and maintenance of a single spatial database for effective solution of tasks in the oil and gas industry: a case study of the Fedorov license area — Sizeneva Aleksandra

Design and development of analytical geoinformation web-based applications about urban real estate on the example of Saint Petersburg — Baryshkov Evgeny

Creation of spatial data infrastructure and management of the process for generation and update of the geodata coverages using «Altamira-server» — Riabov Yuri

Coordinate basis of spatial data and its GIS-monitoring — Maksimova Maya

Protected natural territories of Russia and Belarus - prerequisites of creation of a single information space — Alexeenko Natalya

Geoinformation framework for mass calculations of the dynamic model of agroecosystems — Badenko Vladimir

Structural morphometric analysis in geoinformation systems — Volgusheva Natalya

The application possibilities of GIS for assessment of real estate — Gribkova Irina

GIS technology the use of results of space activity in education — Gruzinov Veniamin

Geoinformation analysis of influence of climate changes on territorial planning in the basin of the river Selemdga — Korotkov Vladislav

The development of a predictive model for archaeological objects searching on the Solovetsky archipelago — Medvedev Andrey

SAR based detection of flooded areas for the verification of short-term flood forecasting — Pimanov Ilya

GIS technologies application for forest fire regimes mapping over Pechora natural reserve — Plotnikova Alexandra

The substantiation of the method of constructing geostatistical model of cadastral valuation of urban land plots for a low-rise residential buildings — Ribkina Alina

Geoinformation provision for the analysis of soil and climatic resources of the Crimea — Rykin Ivan

Application of methods of geoinformatics and remote sensing in archeological researches — Sidorina Inessa

The new bathymetric data base of the Russian arctic sector in the context of the Russian Federation revised submission in respect of the extended continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean — Firsov Yuri

Decision rules database for the geoinformation system of localization potentially diamond deposit zones — Shpylieva Elena

The archaeological GIS development. Problems and possible solutions — Valkov Denis

The concept of creation of the geoinformation system "Renewable energy sources of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region" — Epova Ekaterina

Geoanalitical services development is one of main geoinformatics direction — Sergey Myshliakov

The development of the concept of geographic information system work management divisions of OAO "RZD" — Nikitchin Andrey


Features of land supervision in the Republic of Crimea — Волков Алексей Васильевич

The essence of complicated land problems and approaches to their solution — Zasyad-Volk Vladimir

— Konopka Frank

Actual problems of resolving land disputes in the Russian Federation — Starkova Inna

The division of lands into categories as a strategic foundation for the modern land relations — Shishov Dmitry

Modern problems the conduct land management and land monitoring in the territory of Saint Petersburg — Lipatov Dmitry

Staging at cadastral accounting of park place — Bystritskaya Olga

Analysis of the effect of legislation changes on the effectiveness of the registration procedure — Voystrichenko Nadezhda

Objectives of professional training of cadastral engineers — Demidova Polina

Information support for the management of infrastructure property objects — Dudinova Olga

Modern management of land resources in Russia — Ivanov Dmitry

Professional education of land management and cadastre specialists — Kovyazin Vasily

Some aspects of implementation of accounting functions of the state — Pavlova Viktoria

Apartmens as a new format of housing — Rozhdestvenskaya Nadezhda

Land management as a principal basis of land and cadastal works — Uvarova Ekaterina

The formation of multidisciplinary programs in higher education for extension group in the field of training “Applied geology, mining, oil-gas business and geodesy” — Aliev Tahir

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